Dumb automated Tomnod map traverser

Few hours ago I read about the Tomnod challenge. We all know about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that vanished from radar while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Tomnod came up with this pretty novel idea. They made satellite images of places in the route accessible, so that people can view the map tiles and report if they see something interesting. The webapp is pretty cool and the UI is fine, but I thought it would be cooler if they had a play button. Maybe play over a couple of satellite images and you could view them from a distance and report if something is fishy. At present they require user interaction, you need to press buttons to traverse. What if I want to put this up in a shopping mall on a big screen. People waiting to get their products billed can have an eye on it and can report if they see something interesting. I think this would help get a lot of more people involved. To test this out, I made a little javascript which tries to traverse through the map automatically – without any user inputs.

The Script

var count = 0;
var threshold = 10;
function some_function(){
 if (count > threshold) {
 $(".info-panel-group > p:eq(1) > a:eq(1)").click();
 count = 0;
 var e = jQuery.Event("keyup");
 e.which = 37 + Math.floor((Math.random()*4));;
 jQuery("#map-canvas").trigger( e );
 count += 1;

// load jQuery and execute the main function
var interval_handle = window.setInterval(function() {
}, 10000);
$(".tagger-progress-view").append("Stop Moving");

So, now you could display the tomnod webpage on a large screen, run this piece of javascript on top of that and you get a dumb but an automated map traverser. Views?

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2 thoughts on “Dumb automated Tomnod map traverser”

  1. That is a nice idea but can you write a script which uncovers all the tiles on a “map” automatically? I am looking at an area which has high cloud cover so it would be great to uncover the whole map so you could then narrow the search to the areas with no cloud. It is very time consuming to navigate over all tiles where 95% of them are clouds.

    So rather than having a random calculation in your function you could step down and across in a sequence to uncover the map in the shortest possible time

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